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About Malabar Academy

Malabar Academy for Management Studies is the realm of perfect education with a long history of educational voyage and wisdom. We are the people nurturing the exact concept of schooling as our mahatma Gandhi said once “BY EDUCATION I MEAN ALL –ROUND DRAWING OF THE BEST IN CHILD AND MAN IN BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT”. We have been in the field of education since the thought of liberal economy, globalization and advancement post era technology catching nerves of the moving generation. Sensing the fast space mode of growth and anticipated development, we felt it would be the right time to break constrained dogma of education and place it in the hands of real harbingers, who would be able to restructure existing worn out system to compete the upcoming global scenario. At MAMS learning is an art, which is being incorporated with need of the hour. Our academic scholars are castle –builders, who could feel the hidden worth of the pupil, and enable him /her to unfold the rich inexplicable capacities, that has been laying unknown to him / her for long due to blurring inner thoughts. With us the students are not merely learning but they are chiseling their dream and turn in to a unique torch bears for tomorrow

Our Mission

MAMS is here to impart qualitative and practical oriented education in the areas of Diploma and graduation programmes for the students from different walks of life who are truly striving to build up zealous future. Giving importance to cognitive and experiential learning, our faculties are really committed in making tomorrow’s professional.


Our team is endeavoring to be a unique professional college in designing a new global citizen in the era of multicultural thinking society.

Malabar Academy

From the Chairman’s thoughts

Dear Aspirants,

It’s our immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as the real visionaries for the future education. The concept of education should be a platform for you, the students, from where you would be able to weave your desired life. Obviously, each one of you is waiting for better tomorrow, but how one can build up this core idea is the thoughts of issues and complication. Here Malabar Academy of Management Studies has realized this herculean challenge as we are decorated with rich experienced educational scholars who have been travelling through meandering way of recourse. And they have developed an enriching idea of teaching and learning. At MAMS you will harvest the meticulous power of creativity and innovation. You will sense your learning activities with invisibly visible taste of your subconscious dream!

We are very proud and pride to trumpet that in our hands your destiny would be safe, where we make you realize that you are the exact master of your foreordination. It is certain that at MAMS each student will be transformed in to a perfect professional, who must be the real person to lead tomorrow’s humanoid robotic generation. I am excessively happy to welcome you students to our pragmatic institution, MAMS to become global artisans.

what Students say

Students Testimonials

“ I don’t know what I should say because I am not able to bring my heart to mouth to speak about the training and education I derived from MAMS. Under well experienced academicians I was able to weave my dream and achieved my life goal. My gratitude towards MAMS is boundless.”

Brijil dev

Al-Fattan Group UAE

“I am very much happy to say that I am too from MAMS, the great institute that caused a transformational change in my life. When I joined the college, I never expected I would be exposed to the tremendous professional life. Thank you MAMS for taking me in to highly competitive environment. ”


Air India SATS - Bangaluru

“ MAMS is something inexplicable to me because without its magic touch of resource I wouldn’t have gained this fabulous status as Cabin Crew of Air India Express. MAMS’ ways of training methods are matchless and unique one. I am very thankful to MAMS for opening a future for me. ”


Air India Express

“ To me MAMS was a wonderful platform, where I could leap to the glory of successful career. Now I am working with AL-FATTAN Group, UAE, because of consistence the placement training and assistance I got from MAMS. I am very proud to recommend that MAMS is an ideal place for professional education. ”


Al-Fattan Group UAE

“ I am very proud and pride to say that MAMS was my paragon land of learning and development. From here I was trained as perfect professional to defeat the competitive realm of job market. Now I am crowing as a ground staff of Indigo Airlines. Thank you MAMS. ”


Indigo Airlines

“Its an honoured moment for me to mouth a few words about my great college, MAMS, that made me what I am now, even though I know that mere words won’t paint the exact feeling of our mind. When I came to MAMS, I was a dopey boy with broken habits, but I walked out the college as a competent for service industry. Now I am with Qatar Air ways. Thank you my MAMS. ”


Qatar Airways