who we are

About Malabar Academy

Malabar academy for management studies is the realm of perfect education with a long history of educational voyage and wisdom. We are the people nurturing the exact concept of schooling as our mahatma Gandhi said once “BY EDUCATION I MEAN ALL –ROUND DRAWING OF THE BEST IN CHILD AND MAN IN BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT”. We have been in the field of education since the thought of liberal economy, globalization and advancement post era technology catching nerves of the moving generation. Sensing the fast space mode of growth and anticipated development, we felt it would be the right time to break constrained dogma of education and place it in the hands of real harbingers, who would be able to restructure existing worn out system to compete the upcoming global scenario. At MAMS learning is an art, which is being incorporated with need of the hour. Our academic scholars are castle –builders, who could feel the hidden worth of the pupil, and enable him /her to unfold the rich in explicable capacities, that has been laying unknown to him / her for long due to blurring inner thoughts. With us the students are not merely learning but they are chiseling their dream and turn in to a unique torch bears for tomorrow